Topiary trees come in all shapes and sizes, a significant number of which have claimed to fame beautiful topics and ornamentation. Topiary is actually an etched tree, and the term can either allude to a natural plant or simulated masterpiece. Despite the fact that these trees are manufactured, they bring a feeling of life through craftsmanship that rises above the worldly and the natural to your home. The bigger lit topiary trees contain many lights and make fabulous open air Christmas designs.

The beautifully sculpted foliage that you see in the form of mazes, animals or geometric shapes are known as “topiary”. The origin of the phrase comes from the Latin “topiarius” (ornamental landscaper). The art form was influenced originally from the Romans, Greeks and Persians.

Topiary consists of evergreen shrubs, bushes, and trees that are compact so that they may form shapes such as an elephant, clouds, dogs, dinosaurs or even people. These shapes, since they are not loose and leafy, can remain as sculpted with only the occasional pruning required. Commonly grown for such an art form are the Box, Myrtle and Bay Laurel trees and bushes. Hedges used as boundaries are the simplest form of topiary. Julius Cesar is said to have introduced this art in the Roman Gardens.

Topiary is produced in the Chinese practice of Penjing and the Japanese practice of Bonsai, giving this landscaping dream an ancient existence. The popularity of topiary blossomed in 17th century England as the aristocrats and royals fashioned in the Franco-Dutch gardening style.

When Alexander Pope wrote a critical piece of topiary, poking fun at all the mazes and shapes being created and displayed, the rich lost interest and removed the topiary from their gardens. Local cottages kept it alive, however, by turning the practice into family heirlooms. Nearing the 19th century, John Loudon expressed his sadness at the decline of the topiary garden and the practice was resumed. The American Renaissance of these gardens occurred in the same time period.

Since the natural display can break down due to the Earth’s elements, there is artificial topiary available. Artificial plants can be UV protected, placed indoors or out, and you never need to prune them. Those that have the patience for the outdoor life have produced some well-known displays that include: Saman-Lei Sekpil in Manipan India boasting the tallest topiary at 61 feet and the 140 year old gardens at the Hunnewell Arboretum. The practice of topiary gardens continues today as even the every-man tries their hand at designing those wonderful creative shapes in their own gardens.

If you decide to buy an artificial topiary tree, often in the shape of a ball and around 4 or 5ft tall – Make sure it has a good amount of leaves, preferably over 850.To make the tree look its best, you should also place it in a large pot perhaps in silver or black and cover the soil surface with some pebbles for maximum effect.Many themes can center around the great and magical topiary. Depending on which replica you decide to purchase and how many you want to have in your home, the memories that are built around the loving family are to be treasured!

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